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We are warning all Rat Poison users:
There are many different types of rat poisons with different active ingredients that are poisonous to dogs. Many can be deadly to pets!
Rat poisons are easy to obtain and there are many different types of rat poisons available in a wide variety of colors (green, blue, etc.) and types (pellets, bait blocks, grain-based baits, etc) as well as poisons (Long-acting anticoagulants, Vitamin D3, etc). Products that look similar and have similar names may contain very different types of poison. Thus, if a pet ingests rat poison it is an emergency and the Vet will need to accurately identify the active ingredient to determine the risk of poisoning and the type of treatment, so please bring in the packet/box.

⚠️We would especially like to warn all CHOLECALCIFEROL (VITAMIN D3) users:
This is one of the most dangerous rat poisons on the market and seems to be gaining in popularity. This poison causes a very high calcium and phosphorus level in the body, resulting in severe, acute kidney failure. Small ingestions of this poison may be fatal for any dog or cat; thus, almost all ingestions must be treated quickly and appropriately to prevent kidney failure.

We are asking you all to please make sure to pet-proof your Rat Poison appropriately as pets seem to love the taste! If you suspect your pet has eaten Rat Poison, please bring your pet in immediately or call us on 033 330 5689

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