Midlands Veterinary Clinic


We have had 4 cases of dogs with Puff Adder Bites in the last few days between Howick Small Animal Veterinary Clinic and Midlands Veterinary Clinic! So please be cautious when on walks, in rocky areas and long grass.
If you suspect your pet has been bitten by a snake, get your pet to the Vet immediately!!! It is very important to try to identify the snake by taking note of its size, shape of the head and colour patterns. Another idea might be to take a photo of the snake, if possible, but do not endanger your life or the snakes to obtain the photo. As Vets, we will need to know as much information about the snake as possible to treat your pet accordingly.
Call us immediately if you suspect your pet has been bitten by a snake ☎️ 033 330 5689

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