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Guy Fawkes Night (5th November) and Diwali (14th November) are here and with it fireworks.

A beautiful and enjoyable occasion for humans might be a frightening and noisy occasion for your pets.
Here are some tips to keep your pets calm during these celebrations. If you feel your pet may need something extra to help them keep calm please come in and see us and we will advise you on what is best for your pets:
1.Keep them indoors
It might be best to keep your pets indoors during the celebrations. It will put your pets at ease, and reduce the risk of them running away.
2. Keep the windows, doors, and curtains closed
Keeping everything closed will muffle noise and keep your pets from seeing flashing lights that might scare them further. Avoid setting any fireworks off close to the house.
3. Background noise
This will not only help to muffle the bangs and booms going on outside, but a constant source of noise might also calm your pets.
4. If your pets hide, let them
If your pets get scared enough to hide under a table, or beneath a bed, don’t attempt to pull them out. This might stress your pet further.
5. Get a blanket
Sometimes a cover, such as a blanket, will help calm your pets down. It can help him feel more comfortable and protected.
6. Give them a treat
Giving your pets a treat or their favorite toy can distract them from the noises.
7. Stay calm
Be sure to stay calm when you’re around your pets. Your pets will naturally react to your behavior, so acting panicky or excited around the dog will only make matters worse.
8. Anti-anxiety treatments
Please come in and see us for advise on the range of anti-anxiety tablets and liquids available for your pets.

Following these steps will help to soothe any panic your pets are feeling.
If you need any further advise please come in and chat to us or call us on 033 330 5689

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