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Our top 5 New Kitten Essentials

1. Kitten Food- it is essential to feed a kitten a well-balanced kitten-specific diet to start them off on the right road to health. There is a wide range of kitten-specific foods so come chat to us to discuss which would best suit your kittens’ needs.
2. Cat Bed/Warm comfy blanket- give your kitten a safe and warm comfortable place to feel safe in their new home.
3. Collar & ID Tag- Kitten collars with a bell are a great way to keep an eye, or rather an ear, on your kitten while they explore their new home. ID Tags- make sure your kitten has the best chance at getting home safely if lost. While you should microchip your kitten as soon as you’re able, having an ID tag on your kitten can help make them quickly and easily identifiable.
4. Food & Water Bowls- make sure your kitten can safely and comfortably reach their food and water bowls.
5. Toys- Kittens love to play. Have some cat toys available for them to help keep them stimulated and alleviate boredom.
Chat to us to find out more on some essentials for your kitten 0333305689

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