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Common causes of anxiety in cats resulting in problem behaviours.

Fear and (some) anxiety are both normal responses to a threat, whether real or perceived. Cats may react by meowing, yowling, hissing, growling or even hiding away. It’s when these behaviours become excessive or happen out of context that there may be a problem behaviour.

Some common causes of anxiety are:

  • intruder cats coming into their territory
  • lack of safe sleeping or hiding places
  • single entry/exit points being blocked by other pets
  • Aggression or bullying by other pets and competing for food
  • dirty litter boxes or change of litter
  • litter boxes being placed near their place of eating/food
  • too few litter boxes
  • noise phobias
  • traumatic experiences
  • change in routine, environment or household activity
  • pain or injury or illness

Recognizing some of these above causes of anxiety can help your cat improve their behaviour and help recognize if it is a problem behaviour or not.

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