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Risks Of The Cold!

Some pet owners tend to forget about the risk of cold autumn & winter weather for their pets. It is important to protect your furry friends from the cold. Dogs that have short hair and small breed dogs are particularly sensitive to the cold. Puppies and older dogs are more likely to feel too cold faster than other dogs.

So how do you tell if your dog is too cold?
You look at behavioral and situational clues. 
Here are some things to look out for:

1) How Cold Is It Outside?
The most obvious thing to look at is how cold is it outside. If it is too cold for you to feel comfortable outside for even a few minutes, it is likely too cold for your dog as well. Even though they have fur coats, they aren’t immune to the effects of chilly weather.

2) Slowing Movements
If your dog looks like he is not enjoying being outside, he is likely feeling the cold. Your dog may start walking slower. Often, he’ll appear hunched over and keep his tail close to his body as if he’s trying to keep himself warm. If your puppy is trying to hide behind or under objects he’s probably trying to seek shelter. Older dogs that suffer from arthritis may seem to be in pain and may struggle to get up.

3)Curling Up
If your dog is curling into a ball or he is hunched over with the tail tucked in and shivering, it’s likely in an attempt to warm himself with body heat.

4)Whining or Whimpering
If your dog is uncomfortable, he may try to let you know by whining or whimpering or barking. If the dog acts in an unusual way, look carefully at his surroundings to make sure that he is not too exposed to wind or cold and that he has enough protection and sources for warmth in cold weather. If your dog looks agitated and anxious, consider why he may be feeling uncomfortable.

5)Signs of Dangerous Hypothermia
If your dog appears extremely sleepy and lethargic or moving in a clumsy manner, this may also be a sign that your dog may be too cold and at risk of hypothermia. You need to get him inside and warmed up immediately! If your dog is barely moving and appears to have stiff muscles or seems to have difficulty breathing, you should go take your dog to your nearest Vet immediately!!

Remember to keep a close eye on your dog during cold & wet weather. If your dog is showing any of the signs of being too cold, take precautions to keep him warm, or bring him inside. If your dog needs to be outside for sustained periods of time or is an outside dog, you should consider getting him a good dog house and bed to better protect him from the chilly weather.

And most importantly, please don’t hesitate to take him to the Vet if he starts showing any signs of odd behaviors or hypothermia.

Please protect your pets and keep them warm…

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