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World Rabies Day

With World Rabies Day just around the corner, we are passionate about increasing awareness of Rabies and how serious it is! Through awareness, we hope to help eliminate Rabies in our country!

About Rabies:
Rabies has been terrorizing humans and animals for 4,000 years. It is a zoonotic disease (transmitted between animals and humans) that is spread via saliva. This usually occurs via a bite wound inflicted by an infected animal, although scratches and even licks may also pose a risk. More than 59,000 people die from rabies every year, 99% of which are a result of exposure to an infected domestic dog. This means that a person dies every 9 minutes from rabies.

Can rabies be eliminated?
The good news is that rabies is 100% preventable. The tools and science to end the extensive suffering, loss of life and financial burden of rabies already exist. These include an effective vaccine for dogs (to stop the disease at the source), as well as effective preventative treatments for people when they are exposed (human vaccines and other biologics).What can I do to eliminate rabies?
People with dogs or cats can ensure that those animals are vaccinated against rabies and that the vaccinations are kept up to date. This is the best way to prevent rabies in your family and community, and it also helps to eliminate the disease.

Did you Know?
We have a FREE Nurses Clinic from 2-2: 30 PM, where we offer FREE Rabies Vaccinations!!

As well as FREE Nail Clipping, FREE Dental Checks, FREE Weight Checks and FREE Dosing of Medications!
Mondays, Wednesday & Fridays at Howick Small Animal Clinic
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